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Available in a range of colors, you can choose something that matches your space or personalise it with your name, favourite quote or graphic of choice.


With an eye-catching design which comes with the versatility of a mini fridge, this item makes an attractive addition to any home.With it's compact size, low energy consumption, noise reduction and hot/cold feature are ideal for everyone – simply plug in and use!



  • Dual cooling & warming function, means you can use this fridge in any season!
  • 8L storage (perfect for storing almost anything!)
  • With a carry handle on top, this fridge is perfectly portable!
  • Can be used indoors, outdoors or even while travelling in your car


    • Cools down to: 5°C at 25°C ambient
    • Warms up to: 50-65°C by thermostat
    • Power: DC 12V, AC 100V-120V
    • Dimensions: 8x11, Holds 8L
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